Horse Riding in Swale

Come and explore the exciting opportunities within Swale for fans of horses and practitioners of equestrian sports alike! 

In Swale, there are many horse riding clubs that provide a safe and enjoyable environment; many in a countryside setting, where you can learn all about horse riding and how horses live. Open spaces across Swale also provide opportunities, for example:

Isle of Sheppey



More information about all of these locations and a map of the area can be found on the Explore Kent website.

There also exist numerous horse riding routes throughout Swale, for example those at Borden, and these can be located via contacting local clubs and other organisations or by searching for them on the Toll Rides Off-road Trust website (TROT).

Check out Active Swale's website Sports Directory for more information on horse riding clubs and events centres within the borough which include:

So whether you're a seasoned rider, a beginner or someone who just loves horses, there's bound to be something just right for you in Swale!