Cricket is one on the oldest sports that has been played in England since the 16th century and is based on two teams of eleven players that take it in turn to 'Bat' and score runs by hitting the ball being bowled to them with a bat whilst the other team 'Field' by bowling the ball to the batting team and try to stop them scoring runs. There are many more rules but that is the basic idea of the game.

Although it started in England the game is played all over the world now with international tournaments with professional male and female cricketing teams competing against each other, the England and Wales Cricket Board is the governing body of the sport and provides guidence and support for all levels of the game.

Across the country there are county teams that compete against each other and Kent Cricket oversees these teams as well as providing support for the local clubs that provide opportunities for residents and visitors to take part or watch.

We haven't carried out checks on the clubs and organisations that are listed and as a participant you should check you are happy with their safety and quality of its activity provision prior to participating with them. Don't wait until the start of your first session to ask questions about their qualifications, experience or the level of activities as the coach/instructor will be busy planning the session and may not have the information with them; but do ask before your first session and all should be happy to answer your questions.


If you provide opportunities for residents or visitors to get involved in Cricket and would like your club or organisation to be listed then email Active Swale and we can get your details uploaded.