A Unique Christmas Experience For Everyone!

Christmas can mean something different to everyone, with most households having their own Christmas traditions, however, Christmas trees and the Nativity Story are a part of Christmas that can resonate with everyone.

From taking part in your school nativity play, creating costumes for your little ones to depict a character from the nativity, or dusting off your own nativity each year when the Christmas decorations are brought down from the loft; most will share an experience relating to the Nativity in their lifetime. Equally most have their own idea of the "perfect" Christmas tree, from colour themes, perfect placement of baubles, favourite characters, even upside trees to protect from pets!

Well this year, there are two fantastic exhibitions that really showcase Christmas in some of the most unique ways!

Cribs From The World - SS Peter & Paul Church, Borden

To celebrate the story of the Nativity, the SS Peter & Paul Church in Borden are hosting a unique exhibition of “Cribs from the World” collected by the broadcaster and author Libby Purves. This event will take place from Friday 6 December to Wednesday 11 December.

Libby once said, “The Nativity is such a basic, simple story which resonates with everybody. You don’t have to be a Christian to be interested in how the other cultures depict this story. Every culture has its own take on how it wants to see it”.

One of the largest of its kind in Europe, this exhibition raises hundreds of pounds for the Children’s Society each year, with visitors invited to donate.

The cribs are made from a variety of different materials and originate from 40 different countries worldwide. From a complete stable and figures carved onto a match head to a village scene covering a tabletop, this really will be a fascinating, unique and wonderful display of cribs from the eyes of different Cultures.

Local primary schools have been invited to be a part of the display, creating their own cribs from whatever style and materials they can use. Visitors will be asked to vote for their favourite school crib, with a prize for the winning entry. There will also be colouring worksheets available for the Children to further encourage creativity.

A Representation of a "Crib From The World" Displayed at the Exhibition

Christmas Tree Festival - Tunstall Church, Tunstall

For the 5th year, Tunstall Church is hosting its magical festival of Christmas trees, providing another fantastic opportunity to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Last year there were over 100 trees contributed by schools, charities, businesses and individuals who celebrated the Environment, animals, and every aspect of Christmas to give pleasure to approximately 1800 visitors.

Participants used many different materials including scrap wood, crisp packets and milk bottles as well as traditional trees to create an amazing variety of wonderful and memorable exhibits.

Over the last few years, the interpretation of “Christmas Trees” has been fascinating to see, with many superb creations that show just how some imaginations can run wild!

The organisation around this event is immense, with volunteers making this the wonderful experience that it is, from setting it all up, meeting and greeting the visitors, car parking and refreshments. Visitors are asked to provide a donation on their visit to help support the church and Young Carers. The festival will be open from Thursday 5th December to Sunday 8th December.

The Christmas Tree Festival Display

To find out more Christmas events that are taking place in Swale, be sure to visit our "What's On" page, where I am sure you will discover there really is something for everyone in Swale!