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Be Vocal About Local

Swale Tourism
22nd April 2021

Be Vocal About Local with Produced in Kent’s Monthly Tips from the Change One Thing Campaign 

Every month Produced in Kent will take a closer look at the different ways in which you can have a more sustainable attitude to food. This month, it is sharing helpful tips and advice on shopping locally. 

Floortje Hoette, Chief Executive of Produced in Kent, knows that people are more likely to change one thing at a time, which is why the organisation is challenging residents to Change One Thing in its latest campaign to help fight food waste and boost the local economy. 

“If everyone commits to Change One Thing this will hugely benefit the county by providing jobs, preserving our beautiful countryside and reinforcing community values” comments Hoette. 

If residents of Kent spend £10 per week on local produce and products, we will put £415 million back into the local economy annually. We encourage you to be Vocal About Local and share your local purchases on social media this way you will have an impact on those around you and word will spread.”  

Shop Local for Life with these top tips from Produced in Kent.  

  • Visit your local farm shop and stock up on your much needed 5 a day. If you haven’t already been to Macknade, stop by next time you’re in Faversham and lose yourself in this treasure trove of amazing food and drink.
  • Buy gifts or flowers from local boutiques. Tiddly Pomme situated inside Brogdale Farm has a wonderful selection of locally produced goodies and their own range of ciders made from apples and pears grown at Brogdale Farm, they make a lovely gift! 
  • Order your meat, fruit and veg to be delivered. SW Doughty deliver locally and supply local beef and lamb, eggs, cheese and much more. 
  • Got Kent Milk? Remember the good old days when you had your milk delivered? Well, this is once more an option thanks to Kent dairy's such as Plurenden Manor Farm
  • Be Vocal About Local. Use the hashtag #vocalaboutlocal

Produced in Kent is encouraging residents of the county to look at how they can change the way they shop and the way they handle and consume food. “Make a change, practise it ten times and that change becomes a habit, you don’t even think about it anymore.” continues Hoette. 

There are simple changes that can be made that will have a much-needed positive input into the local independent food and drink industry and the environment. If we all begin to make gradual changes, these cumulative changes will have a greater impact on the planet. 

Look out for next month’s tips on how to Change One Thing from Produced in Kent and don’t forget to be #VocalAboutLocal. 

Banner Image: Macknade Faversham

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