Everyday Active - Active Travel Challenge During September

September is Active Travel month here at Everyday Active!
You may have heard the term 'Active Travel' but were not sure what it really means?
Active Travel simply means making journeys by walking or cycling. These are usually short journeys like walking to the shops, walking the kids to school, cycling to school or to work.
Why not commit to changing some of your short journeys to walking or cycling (or even scooting)? Head to https://kent.sportsuite.co.uk/.../active_travel_challenge... and register to track your progress over the month , with the chance to win prizes too!)
The #ActiveTravelChallenge has started but it's never too late to join in!
It's all about swapping motorised transport for two legs or two wheels for all, or part of, your journey to work, to school, to the shops, and/or to leisure activities.
It's the perfect way to build physical activity into your daily routine, which can in turn contribute to improved health and help to prevent or manage a range of chronic diseases. Active travel is also good for the environment, helps reduce fuel costs, saves CO2 and reduces congestion.
If you walk, run or cycle instead of using motorised transport from 1 September to 30 September, it can be logged as active travel. If you haven't registered yet then it is quick and easy to sign up to the free Kent Sport activity tracker 👇https://kent.sportsuite.co.uk/login?referer=user.
Once you've created your tracker account and profile, you'll automatically be included in the 2021 Everyday Active Travel Challenge. When you record your active travel, just remember to tick the box that says 'ACTIVE TRAVEL?' and enter the distance that you've travelled.
All participants in the Everyday Active Travel Challenge will be entered into a prize draw, so everyone is in with a chance of winning a prize. Good luck!