Fifty Shades of…Autumn!

On one of my regular walks to collect the morning paper I was struck by the unsung hero of that walk – autumn! Autumn in all its crowning glory displaying its robes colour, a cornucopia of flora and fauna and creatures all great and small to distract the passer-by. Nature’s big reveal is here for all to see, experience and enjoy.

For me, it has always been a race against the clock to get somewhere fast before heading off to work and the regular and routine calling of the diary full of meetings and appointments. But, today I was taken aback by the still crisp air, small birds flying to and from the hedgerows gathering both food and those all-important finishing touches for their nests. Hedgerows that harbour an unparalleled horde of heavy branches, barely covered twigs, damp leaves and plump, colourful berries of every unimaginable shade of red, orange, yellow, green and brown – all set against the backdrop of the blue skies with billowing clouds and bottle green grass beneath my booted feet. These dazzling jewels of the hedgerows remind me once again that I am in the Garden of England; a garden that has coastal margins, outstanding countryside and internationally important marshland habitats. Each brings its own characteristics with the changing seasons and none more so than the autumn. Just be sure not to miss it yourself!

The lines of trees dancing in the bight morning sunlight bending reverently as I pass revealing their statuesque bodies; branches like arms outstretched welcoming an old friend and leaves hanging on as the wind buffets them and warns that soon their time will come and they will be shaken off with no place to hide. The heavy clay soil is dressed in a velvet green covering of dewy grass covered with pockets of yellowing leaves and the occasional cluster of deep brown horse chestnut nestling seeking anonymity in the open spaces. Shards of sunlight peeking through the trees tantalise our senses and remind us of nature’s true glory.

The power, energy and healing properties of the leisure walk both physically and mentally is immeasurable. Whether you are looking for something less formal or more formal our destinations have so much to offer and now is as good as time as any to experience all of nature’s beauty and colour.

Experience the great outdoors in Swale; without breaking the bank you can take in all of the natural wonders of the Borough. Equally, the homes and gardens within the Swale area offer a beautiful day out and the opportunity to experience Autumn in all of its glory.

The autumnal smells too are heavenly, fresh and inspiring and strike your lungs with unimaginable joy. Remember too that daytime gives way to darker evenings soon and with this comes a choice of Hallowe’en events such as:

Not forgetting those fireworks too along with hot soup, hot dogs and burgers! Check out our what's on pages for the latest events, if your local event is not listed then please submit event details online today.