Fundraising through Physical Activity Challenges in Swale

Will Sport Relief inspire you to Get Active, help raise funds and the profile of Swale charities, clubs, organisations and causes.

For those that live their lives surrounded by sport and physical activity there are always national and international events like the Olympics and Paralympics that inspire us to get active as the best in the world come together to compete. Although it has to be said that the most inspiring and motivating stories are those of everyday people that take up a physical activity to challenge themselves and as importantly to help raise funds for a charity, organisation or cause that is important to them.

Hearing these stories and the emotional journey that it takes them is always a positive story and its when sport and physical activity crosses over from the elite and high profile events like the London Marathon we can all relate as most of us will know someone that has entered.

The upcoming Sport Relief day is another example of how high-profile events can inspire people to get out be active and challenge themselves and each year a major challenge is offered for well-known personalities to undertake. This year three Radio 2 presenters are undertaking three Triathlons in three days!

Like with all high-profile events they are always looking for more people to get involved and help raise as much money and the profile of the event to highlight their cause.

National events like Sport Relief are good as they raise funds for numerous causes across the country but there are also are numerous local charities, clubs, organisations and causes in Swale that rely on their supporters to help raise both funds and their profile to ensure they can continue to provide the essential service or community programme.

There are various ways to do this from cake sales to climbing mountains, but the benefit of a physical activity challenge is people can see the effort that completing it will involve. The personal benefit will be that you will also see an improvement to your health and if you chose a challenge that is suitable to your personal situation supporters will understand the journey and sacrifice you will be giving.

Challenges don’t have to be on the scale of cycling the length of the UK or swimming the English Channel and within Swale there are existing events you can get involved with if you dont want to have to organise it all yourself. Any event that will require the participant to challenge themselves to complete it could be used, with the organiser’s permission, to help raise funds. Below are a few events in Swale to get you thinking -

The above is just a flavour of some potential challenges and we are always happy to promote and publicise your event whether it’s based on a physical activity or not, all you need to do is complete the Visit Swale Events Form to let us know your Swale based event that residents and visitors can take part in.

Having a quick look on the internet there is lots of information on how and what you can do to help raise funds for your chosen charity, club, organisation or cause and a few are listed below –

If you just want to get active and try some activities before jumping in with a challenge there are other sources that can help provide you with details of how to get involved and or let you know what is available including the BBC ‘Get Inspired’ programme. This provides information on all types of sports and physical activities to help build your knowledge and understanding before getting involved.

Sport England is working with activity providers to help promote activities for all ages and abilities, why not promote your activities via KCC and Sport England funded Kent Sport Team and their Activity Finder Tool.