Getting Active In Swale

With the New Year starting are you looking for inspiration to get more active and help improve your health?

Although making changes to your daily, weekly or monthly routine shouldn’t be just left to the start of a new year it is a good time to reflect on any health issues you may have and make some small changes. Finding an activity you can regularly include in your routine may also enable you to share time with others and possibly benefit from new friendships around the experience.

Increasing your exercise or activity levels will help improve your health. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to sign up to the gym classes or join a club. Although these are good for you and will connect you to other people in your area, it can just mean that you can go for a walk or use the stairs rather than taking a lift to the first floor.

Whether you are living in a rural or urban setting you can easily become isolated from the community around you, being more active will not only help improve your physical health but it will help you share your experiences with other similar minded people. Just taking a regular walk rather than driving that short journey to work or the shops you will notice more of your own environment and the people in it.

Some options are below as a starter to get you thinking of what you can do –

  • Parks and Open spaces – visit any of the open spaces that are provided throughout Swale and enjoy the beautiful scenery we have.
  • parkruns – there are now two free 5km runs in Sittingbourne and on The Leas, you don’t have to sign up but if you do its free and you will get a bar code so you can get your timings.
  • Get on your bike – there are number of cycle paths and routes for your to explore, do be careful on the roads that connect them, the recent Sheppey Cycle map can help provide some ideas and trails.
  • Walking – Active Swale downloadable walking routes and other inspiration provided by Explore Kent

As part of the Visit Swale site we are collating information on all types of activity and places you can join or just go for a walk and pulling them together in the Healthy and Active in Swale section of this site. Visit the page to see what we’ve been able to find out so far and let us know if there is anything you’d like to see as we are always looking to develop content.

Check out our current suggestions on how to get healthy in Faversham, on the Isle of Sheppey and in Sittingbourne. If you provide opportunities for residents or visitors to get active in Swale we’d would love to hear from you and help us promote the activities of your club or organisation, just email Active Swale and we can add to the picture of what’s available in Swale

For those that know the sport or activity they want to do it can be fairly easy to find out information on them, we are developing pages on traditional sports to help share information including:

As well as the information we have so far there are other sources that can help provide you with details of how to get involved and or let you know what is available including the BBC ‘Get Inspired’ programme. This provides information on all types of sports and physical activities to help build your knowledge and understanding before getting involved.

Sport England is working with activity providers to help promote activities for all ages and abilities, why not promote your activities via KCC and Sport England funded Kent Sport Team and their Activity Finder Tool.