Kent School Games - My Reconnect Rainbow Challenge

The Kent Sport Team behind the organisation of the Kent School Games that aim to engage schools across Kent and Medway in competitive events, challenges and competitions. During the lockdown when all activities were cancelled the team pulled together a virtual programme and are looking to continue with the 'My Reconnect Rainbow Challenge' during the 2021 - 22 school year.

It's time to reconnect to all the things we have missed over the last 18 months. In 2020, the Kent School Games ‘My Active Rainbow Challenge’ helped so many of you to keep active during lockdown. This new challenge is designed to remind us of all the great things in our lives: family, friends, health, opportunities to learn new things, our communities, sports ... and most of all, a bright future. All whilst getting our daily physical activity!

'My Reconnect Rainbow Challenge' is FREE for all schools and families with school-aged children in Kent and Medway. Use it just to give you ideas, or complete and submit the challenges by the end of September to earn rewards . . . it's up to you!

The challenges can be downloaded at the 'My Reconnect Rainbow Challenge' website and on completing the activities, whether it is just one category or all the categories you will receive a Kent School Games medal. Deadline to submit your completed challenges activity sheets is end of September 2021.

Challenges are divided into seven categories:

1. Healthy & Happy– activities to support our mental and physical health
2. Learning for Life – activities to help us learn whilst being active
3. Friends & Family – activities we can do with other people
4. Community Connections – activities to connect us to our local area
5. Summer Sports – activities to join in with sports this summer
6. Fit for the future – activities to prepare for an active future
7. Ready to Reconnect – activities to get back to things you love