National Fitness Day

Wednesday 23rd September welcomes this year’s National Fitness Day and it comes at a time when being active is more important than ever for our mental and physical health. The day gives us time to focus on the role physical activity and sport plays to support our fitness; not just as part of organised activities that are currently being organised within GOV.UK COVID-19 safety guidelines, but also those lifestyle choices we make that can have a positive affect on our fitness and health.

Fitness to most people may mean having to attend classes or going to the gym to work out but that’s not for all of us, looking after your health by keeping active is also a reason to celebrate your goals and achievements to improve and maintain your fitness. Small changes to your lifestyle will have positive effects, walking up the stairs or escalator or getting off the bus a stop or two earlier on you journey and walking the rest will help – this will improve your fitness as well.

The day will be devoted to sharing stories on how fitness can help as well as highlighting what people are doing on the day to raise the profile if fitness across the Country. Check out #FITNESSDAY on social media to see if you will be inspired to be a little bit more active.

As part of National Fitness Day to celebrate and promote the wide range of activities, programmes, facilities and organisations Swale Borough Council will be developing its own ‘Healthy and Active in Swale’ YouTube channel to bring together clips produced within our team and also from external partners that want to share their story.

We will be looking to travel the borough and start to build a library of clips on a wide range of places and programmes that may inspire or motivate you to get out, enjoy the outdoors or indoors and get a bit more active. If you want to send in a clip or discuss an idea for one please email We will be using #keepactiveinswale on the day and beyond within our social media so include it and will we help promote your message.

Getting out and about within the parks and open spaces is a great way to improve your fitness now they are opening, within national COVID-19 guidelines for recreational visitors as well the return of organised sport. With plenty of opportunities to take that walk or get your bike out in Swale especially with our award winning beaches along the Swale coastline.

As we all adapt over the coming months remember to check out the Visit Swale website whether you want to find out what’s in the Borough or if you want to let people know what you are offering. We are always happy to promote and publicise your event whether it’s based on a physical activity or not, all you need to do is complete the Visit Swale Events Form to let us know your Swale based event that residents and visitors can take part in.