The SubGrey Theatre Company "All Clear" Tour

The SubGrey Theatre Company is touring Kent during September and will be performing at The Arden Theatre in Faversham and The Avenue Theatre Sittingbourne -  “All Clear” by Eugene Stickland (2004). The play has never been performed within the UK and has been 7 years in the planning. Its social relevance has never been more important and draws many parallels with the events, created by COVID-19. 

Who is SubGrey? Our Story So Far.

SubGrey Productions is different from any standard commercial operation. We are a “not for profit” organisation, dedicated to giving performing arts students and local unknown actors/technicians, the rare opportunity to gain experience within a professional theatre environment. Most never get the chance to gain “Real World” experience that would create future opportunities. SubGrey provides this and is working hard to support and revive the local community.

In March 2020, we were 3 weeks from the start of our Kent theatrical tour. Then Lockdown happened to us all. This has taken a heavy toll on everyone including the Kent Theatres and The SubGrey Theatre Company. During those 18months, we received no government funding or any external financial support. However, like the “phoenix from the flames”, we survived and are finally commencing our tour. We will mark our return and opening our tour at The Arden Theatre, Faversham. We then perform at The Sinden Theatre, Tenterden - The Avenue Theatre, Sittingbourne - return to The Arden Theatre, Faversham and finally at GlassBox Theatre, Gillingham.

All Clear by Eugene Stickland

“All Clear” by Eugene Stickland (2004) has never been performed within the UK and has been 7 years in the planning. Its social relevance has never been more important and draws many parallels with the events, created by COVID-19.

Delaney Ford and his family are trapped in their suburban home in the aftermath of a devastating nationwide event. They are all waiting for the “All Clear” that will allow them to re-emerge into the outside world. The doors and windows are sealed tight with plastic sheeting and duct tape. Everything has been cut. No water, no electricity, no TV, no phones, nothing works. They have no way of communicating with the authorities or any other human being.

All they can see through the living-room window is a shroud of orange fog. While Delaney Ford sits sullenly at his desk, trying, but failing to write his book, he mainly consumes his favourite Scotch. The other family members wander in and out of the living room, aimlessly and endlessly wanting to be free and go outside. But they’re captive to a mysterious fog and unable to connect with anyone in the neighbourhood, the world, or each other.

Maddie Ford, Delaney’s bitter wife, is desperate to leave. Billie, their brat adult daughter, wants her mobile phone, Facebook, and Simon (her boyfriend). Bobby, their second teenage child, has been in some way damaged by exposure to the event. Bobby’s brain is changed and absurdly stuck in a loop, whilst standing in a Co-Op, consuming a “Big Slushy” and ogling over a copy of Playboy Magazine, when the event took place.

“What’s wrong with Bobby”? Complicating matters further, is the presence of a German architect called Braun, who played a part in their lives, nearly two decades ago. His sudden re-appearance has stirred up old and
unwanted negativity, which has further driven a wedge between Maddie and Delaney. Why has he suddenly turned up now? Is it just a coincidence? is there a more sinister reason?

Our Plans for 2022 and beyond.

We have started to grow our network with Kent based agents/agencies, managers, businesses and other commercial professional bodies, who support our concept. Once our inaugural tour has completed and have “Proof of Concept”, we will be focused on finding a permanent base of operations and rapidly grow our network of contacts and supporters. This base of operations would be, ideally, in the Swale area.

Primarily, we will offer Kent based students a “Safe Space”. This means that, all those students who are creating projects, or involved in performance aspects of their curriculum, can use our location to seek help, advice, support and experiment with their projects. This would act as a prelude to furthering their individual or collective efforts.

Moreover, student projects would have the option to perform their work to a small audience, within our facility. These facilities would be offered free of charge to those relevant students. Other groups and audiences would be asked for a nominal charge to create sufficient revenue to fund the facility.

Once this is established with Kent Schools, Colleges and Universities, we would roll out this facility to unknown actors and all Kent based Community groups. Our Hub and network would be employed to offer the help they need. This would restore activities that would normally fail or never appear and demonstrate a regrowth within our community.

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