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Heritage Sites

From the birth of aviation in Britain on Sheppey at Muswell Manor and Sheerness Dockyard to Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park and Chart Gun Powder Mills (pictured above) sites in Swale have played a key role in shaping our heritage.

For walkers you can follow the 'Swale Heritage Trail' and experience the sites on route.

In time, this page will expand to feature a large range of heritage sites but whilst we develop our new website we will be featuring heritage sites on this page.

Queenborough Castle

Queenborough Castle was built between 1361 to 1368 when Edward III bought land from the manor of Rushenden to construct a castle.  The building was unfortunately demolished in the 17th Century but there is still plenty to investigate about this site.

Today there is a bus stop which depicts an artist's illustration of the site, and a family friendly park.

Sheerness Dockyard Church

The Sheerness Dockyard Preservation Trust has taken on the task of restoring the building.

Sheerness Dock Yard Church