Abbey Physic Community Garden


We are pleased to announce that we are now moving into the first phase of reopening the Abbey Physic Community Garden - this will be by appointment and for members only for the time being.

We're delighted to announce our Summer Open Day, taking place on Saturday 15th August between 10:00am and 5:00pm. To register for your group timed ticked please visit: or call 01795 539915.

Looking forward to seeing lots of new and familiar faces on August 15th!

It's been wonderful to have our members back these past few weeks, and to get all our groups and activities back up and running in their new post-lockdown forms, but we've been very aware that the need to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for members has meant locking members of the public out of the garden.

The Abbey Physic Community Garden is a beautiful award winning ‘secret’ walled garden in the ancient market town of Faversham.  Tucked away behind the churchyard of St. Mary of Charity by the late 16th century grammar school, now a Masonic Hall, a small sign indicates the modest door, set into an old brick wall, to the Abbey garden.

Stepping in to the half-acre garden one immediately feels as if one has stumbled on an enchanted world. The garden is an organically managed community garden that exists to promote the therapeutic benefits of horticulture. There are many different sections to the garden and one wants to embrace it all at once such is its quiet magnetic charm. It is a hive of activity with individuals busy working away, some on their own, some in pairs or in small groups.

There is something for you here.


Abbey Place
ME13 7BG

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