Rainy Days in Faversham, Sittingbourne and on the Isle of Sheppey

There's no such thing as bad weather it is just the clothes you wear. Get out and enjoy! On this page you will find plenty of fun activities and attractions in Sittingbourne, Faversham and the Isle of Sheppey for a rainy day. 

Our top suggestions to keep the family occupied on a rainy day or when the British weather sends you crazy and looking for something indoors:

  1. Explore our 'history and heritage', visit one of our many small heritage attractions that bring the stories of our towns and people to life.
  2. Appreciate the art and creative works of many featured in places such as 'Creek Creative', Oad Street Food and Crafts, Grain Store Studio or do a creative activity at the House of the Crafty Fox in Faversham.
  3. Spend some time bargain hunting or looking for that special souvenir as there are many small and independent shops complimenting the larger retail offer in the town centres, go Shopping in Swale.
  4. Watch the world go with some food and drink , an afternoon tea or something more satisfying.
  5. Keep fit, go swimming or just work out in the gym, there are leisure and fitness venues in all three parts of the area.

Check the weather forecast on Visit Swale and know what to wear, and if you are exploring maritime Swale always remember to check the tides.

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Faversham Attractions

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