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Market Place Tables And Chairs

Welcome to Visit Faversham

Saturday Market Fbcover

Welcome to Visit Faversham

The Sun Inn Twilight

Welcome to Visit Faversham

West Street Faversham - Featuring Shepherd Neame's The Sun Inn
Walking Tour in Preston Street Faversham

Welcome to Visit Faversham

Exploring Preston Street Faversham
Macknade Fine Foods

Welcome to Visit Faversham

Shepherd Neame Tasting

Welcome to Visit Faversham

FOT 2019

Welcome to Visit Faversham

Standard Quay

Welcome to Visit Faversham


Welcome to Visit Faversham

Mary Ransom FB Take A Pew

Welcome to Visit Faversham

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Welcome to Visit Faversham

Faversham Creek Nautical Festival

Welcome to Visit Faversham

Faversham Nautical Festival

Enjoy the welcome in the ancient market town of Faversham on the Visit Faversham website

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Spotlight on Faversham Town Centre

"Cutting-edge art, inventive cuisine, funky cultural quarters, chic sleep-spots, super fast links to London and Europe"

Come to the pretty medieval market town of Faversham, roughly halfway between Sittingbourne and Canterbury on the A2, the old Roman road linking Dover with London. The town has evolved to provide visitors and residents a warm welcome and choice of experience and a place to enjoy the fruits and local produce the area is famous for. There are over 300 listed buildings in Faversham, recording its extraordinary industrial past. Today you can browse the range of independent shops, galleries (Creek Creative), inns and tea rooms in the town's historic market place or quay side at Standard Quay

An Historic Welcome Awaits

Faversham, recognised as nationally significant by many is mentioned in the Doomsday Book and by the 1900s the area became the centre of the nation's explosives industry and manufactured gunpowder for the battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo. Nearby, Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park gives a fascinating insight into these eras, providing a perfect combination of heritage and nature.

Faversham with it's own Charters took part in the national commemoration and celebrations to mark the 800th Anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede on 15th June 1215.  Faversham Town Council has created a new exhibition space at 12 Market Place , where the Faversham Magna Carta and charters will be available to view in the future.

The town is home to Britain's Oldest Brewer - Shepherd Neame, which has been brewing beer since 1698 (however, history suggests that the drink was produced in Faversham for several centuries before that). The Brewery has a Visitors Centre and offers guided tours which include an exciting tasting session.

The Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre in Preston Street provides a full history of Faversham from the early Iron Age settlements right up to the vast prosperity of Elizabethan times. Explore the fascinating sites of Faversham whilst being told stories and tales about residents of approximately 350 listed buildings located in the town. Faversham Town Walks offer guided 90 minute tours which start at the Town Hall at 12 Market Place.

Bring your camera as Faversham is known for its photogenic townscapes. Pick up a map at the Visitor Information Centre at the Town Hall, 12 Market Place and go on your own adventure, admiring the landscapes of Faversham at your own pace, why not have a look at the many Food Trails on offer?

Faversham Food Festival Collage jpeg

Faversham Flavours -  Faversham Market offering varies during the seasons, with a variety of stalls selling household essentials, clothes, trinkets, fresh plants and flowers, fruit and vegetables; with many local food producers in evidence particularly on Saturdays. In addition to the regular markets, speciality markets including 'Best of Faversham', art craft and food market on the first and third Saturday of each month and the 'Faversham Antiques and Vintage Market' on the first Sunday of every month except September. Kentish produce can also be found at award winning Macknade.

If you are looking for that certain destination shop you can 'Find it in Fav' with the support of the Faversham Traders Association, who have also produced a Faversham Town App for download featuring offers and the latest town information.

Not far from Faversham is Brogdale Collections, home to the National Fruit Collection which offers visitors a great day out, a series of seasonal annual fruit festivals for all the family to enjoy with an opportunity to taste and purchase some wonderful Kent Produce within Brogdale Market Place.

Find Places to Eat in Faversham and Surrounding Area.

Gardens to lose yourself in

There is a choice of gardens to visit in the area. Mount Ephraim Gardens is a mature Edwardian garden with topiary and a Japanese rock garden. Doddington Place has a wonderful woodland garden with azaleas, whilst Belmont House offers a true glimpse of 18th Century style and Lord Harris' clock collection - one of the finest in Britain. In the town the Abbey Physic Community Garden provides a green haven and a cafe for light refreshment to.

Filming in Faversham

Faversham has been featured on camera a number of times in the past. Further information can be found at the Kent Film Office, which lists some of the programmes including: Great British Story: A People's History' 'Ade in Britain', 'Southclifffe and 'Great British Railway Journeys (2014).

Faversham in Print

Faversham has always been popular with journalists and photographers alike, and a recent article in The Landscape Magazine (January 2021 edition) by journalist Caroline Rees shows exactly why.  

Faversham Visitor Information

Visit the Visitor Information Centre in the Town Hall at 12 Market Place, Faversham or download maps and information on our Plan Your Visit pages.

A map view below features just some our attraction and accommodation providers, inspiring you to check out our full listing pages:

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