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The Two Creeks Nature Trail

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The Two Creeks Nature Trail (5 miles)

Faversham’s rich maritime and farming heritage
Step back in time on the trail of Faversham’s Two Creeks and discover the rich maritime and farming legacy that made this area the Larder of London.
From grain fields to fertile windswept marshes and the vestiges of industrious quaysides, you’ll be captivated by the area’s stunning and historic shoreline, where tales of its commercial past and smuggling still abound.
Until the 1930s the waterways at Faversham and Oare teemed with sailing barges carrying timber, fertiliser and farm produce, and cargoes of local bricks, cement and gunpowder, while talk of tobacco and brandy smuggling was common!
The Kings Port, as the town came to be known, enjoyed royal privileges in past centuries as a reward for providing ships to defend the nation
Now an oasis for pleasure boats, walkers, wildlife and livestock, at every turn you’ll be reminded of the part played by the area’s productive countryside in feeding the nation and the mark it made on a community that prospered on the doorstep of London.

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