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29th February 2024

This year, marks the 60th anniversary since the opening of the outdoor pool in Faversham on donated land by Mr Leslie Smith and through money raised by the community with Alderman R. Amor & Mr Derek Davey behind the hard work to make this happen…

A trip down memory lane

Picture this - it’s 1957, Elvis is on the radio, and we are living in an era where community spirit is at an all-time high, especially here in Faversham. For almost 80 years - dating back to 1878, the community of Faversham had dreamt of having a local swimming pool, but for a long time, lack of funding prevented this dream becoming a reality. Then, in 1957 the people of Faversham decided they would come together to fundraise for what we know now as Faversham Pools. A successful fundraising campaign ensued, which included the Scouts collecting ‘A Mile of Pennies’ (a lot of money back then), generous donations from local businesses and a gift of land from local benefactor Leslie Smith, paved the way for the pool to finally open in 1964. Thanks to the people of Faversham, the pool quickly became a much-loved community hub and remains that way today.

As the years have progressed, and with the ongoing support of the community and Swale Borough Council, Faversham Pools expanded by opening the children’s outdoor pool, followed by the indoor pools in the 1990’s. While the Pools have always operated as a nonprofit organisation, in 2016, we registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales and were awarded charity status. Our core values have always remained the same- developing our charity and facility to benefit our community and make them proud while ensuring swimming is affordable, safe, and accessible to all.

Understandably, people tend to think a facility such as Faversham Pools is owned by the council, however, behind the scenes, there is a dedicated fundraising department, raising money for anything from new swim toys, boilers to keep the water warm, future proofing the pool and making positive changes towards reducing our carbon footprint.

For many, it is difficult to think Faversham without having a fond memory attached to days at the Pools. Think about it - how many times have you enjoyed the outdoor pool in the summer? Maybe you learnt to swim here, or your children have lessons at the Swim School. Have you ever been daring enough to jump off the top diving board? Have you braved the outdoor pool in the winter months?

The prime location, in the heart of Faversham acts as a catalyst to so much more by supporting fitness, wellbeing, mental health and providing vital life skills to local residents. In the last year, the Pools have delivered 12,950 swimming lessons to pupils of all ages and abilities and, are proud to be a base for 25 local schools. In addition, the Pools are an important community asset and currently provides over 60 local people with jobs. In 2019 we were recognised in the ‘UK’s Top Ten Lidos’. Each year, thousands of swimmers enjoy the facilities at Faversham Pools, increasing footfall to the town which is an added value to other local businesses. During the summer months, the outdoor pools and rapids are enjoyed by visitor’s county wide. People travel from near and far to experience the uniqueness of the outdoor diving boards- the UK’s only remaining outdoor pool to have split level 1m, 3m and 5m.

To celebrate our 60th year in May, we are planning special events throughout the year for our community to attend and enjoy. The legacy of Faversham Pools is the community we serve. Now is the time for us to ensure our place in the community and keep the people of Faversham swimming locally, for generations to come.

We look forward to welcoming you are our events.


Easter Opening of the main outdoor pool for families: Friday 29th March for 2 weeks.

Take us back to 1964!: Monday May 6th

60th Anniversary Party: Thursday May 30th

Summer Solstice Swim: Friday June 21st

More events to be released later in the year

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