20th February 2023

Swale Borough Council will be launching the next local car club in the borough to help people access cleaner vehicles, without the expense and hassle of ownership.

The scheme will build on the successful trial of the first club that was set up in Faversham last year. This has been estimated to have saved local drivers almost £24,000, and reduced CO2 emissions by 6.39 tonnes, in the first three months. Car clubs enable local people and visitors to become less reliant on owning a car, being able to travel in the local area by walking, cycling or public transport, and then using a Hiyacar when necessary.

For as little as £3 an hour, Hiyacar will provide low emission vehicles on a pay as you go system with online booking where users can sign up for free.

Members will be able to access the vehicles using Hiyacar’s keyless QuickStart technology, via the Hiyacar app. The rental price includes car cleaning, maintenance and management information and are all covered by Hiyacar’s bespoke insurance.

The cars will be located in car parks around Sittingbourne, making them easy to access from homes, the high street and the station. Within 10 minutes walking distance of each other, the cars will be found in Spring Street car park, Albany Road car park and Bell Road car park.

So far, users of the Faversham car club have been enjoying their experience, especially for day drips to the coast or to visit country house gardens. “Booking the cars (even at relatively short notice) is always straightforward, and the checking in and out process is easy. The Swale Car Club cars are modern, clean, and in excellent condition to drive. Overall the Hiyacar experience has been a lot of fun. I’m really grateful to have such a useful service so close by to my house. I’m really looking forward to my next booking on Monday - driving a modern hybrid car is a joy compared with driving my previous car” (Thomas P).

“Needed some quick and affordable to hire for a weekend away & this was perfect. Will definitely use again!”

“Wow - super impressed. From start to end this was a fantastic experience. Car hire made easy.”