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Clocktower Metal Work Fabrication

Sheerness Clocktower Restoration December 2021

Swale Tourism
1st December 2021

Restoration work continues on the 119-year old Sheerness Coronation Memorial Clocktower, in the Smith of Derby Clockmakers workshop.

All the tower components (of which there are a great many) have all been stripped, palletised and are now to be bead blasted and Zinc primer coated. These will soon be ready to go into the paint shop and oven for multi-coating and final finish.

This work will happen in the early new year, when the clocktower will then start to be assembled ahead of the gold gild works.

The restoration of the clocktower also includes the fabrication of new lanterns, to match those that were original installed in 1902. Work has begun on the fabrication of these, along with support brackets and scrolls. Images below show the beginnings of this work.

The restoration will take around 5 months, with the clock returning home in Spring 2022.

Follow its restoration journey here, as we document details of its transformation.

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New images of fabrication and metal works undertaken added to image gallery on December 14th.

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