Swale Tourism
3rd March 2022

Restoration work continues on the 119-year old Sheerness Coronation Memorial Clocktower, in the Smith of Derby Clockmakers workshop.

Work has now started on the reassembly of the many parts of the clocktower. In the images below the base can be seen, in all its green glory with red and 22.5 carat gold leaf detail. The trunk has also been reassembled and can be seen in its base green colour, awaiting detailing.

We have been asked to share the details of the new clock colours, which are:

Green: BS14C39 Hollybush

Red: BS4800 Carnival Red – Poppy

Gold: 22.5 carat gold leaf

It is anticipated the clock will be returning home May 2022.

Ahead of its arrival, the Crescent will be cleaned. Once it is returned, work will be required to reconnect the clock to its power supply, where the Crescent will once be lit again by the clocktower lanterns.

Sheerness Clocktower Restoration March 2022

Sheerness Clocktower Restoration March 2022

Follow the Clocktower restoration journey here, as we document details of its transformation.

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