Sheerness Clocktower Restoration

Sheerness Clocktower Restoration

Through Swale Borough Council’s Capital Projects team, it is an aspiration to freshen up Swale’s town centres. Within Sheerness this includes painting the street furniture, refurbishing benches, and the introduction of new sustainable planters.

Part of this work also included the painting of Sheerness Clocktower. In February 2021 an inspection was carried out to check the condition of the clocktower. This inspection revealed that the clocktower required much repair work and a painting project then turned in to a restoration project.

Swale Borough Council committed funding for the full restoration of the clocktower and planning shortly began, this included a full breakdown of the works involved, decisions on how the clocktower would look following its restoration, alongside planning and listed building consent applications.

As one of the largest and most successful companies in the horological world, it was felt that Smith of Derby Ltd. were the right people to take on the restoration of this iconic Kent landmark It is felt that they will provide the very best level of service, have the expertise to carry out such work and will safeguard this significant landmark.

Restoration project

The restoration work will begin with the whole structure being dismantled, removed, and taken to the Smith of Derby workshop. It is hoped that the removal of the clocktower will take place towards the very end of September, taking approximately 2 days.

It is a full restoration program of the clock feature and internal operating equipment, including test and full quality assurance. There is a full restoration program of the cast-iron structure, which is anticipated to take 5 months.

Work includes:

  • Clock dials lighting
  • Bell/ strike hammer
  • Preparation and painting
  • Paint finish
  • Exterior lanterns
  • Dial works and drive train
  • Cast-iron components

The restoration will transform the clocktower, bringing it back to its former glory. The restoration will also include the fabrication of new lanterns, that will look the same as the gas lanterns fitted on its installation back in 1902. Following some investigative work during the inspection, Smith of Derby were able to identify the original colours of the clocktower, green and gold, which it will be reverting to. ( see image below).

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Sheerness Clock Tower - Proposed Elevation - Smith of Derby - Work in Progress