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Salsa 3

Salsa and Bachata Dancing at The Light

11th December 2023

Every Monday you can take part in Salsa and Bachata Dancing at The Light, Sittingbourne

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Tunstall Christmas Tree Festival

7th December - 10th December 2023

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02e5dcbf-de0f-4e3f-9338-d371bd5e69a8-Edge Christmas 2023.JPG

Edge Studios 'The Ice Queen, a frozen story'

16th December 2023

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d934a529-5e9d-4f35-ab3b-a22c6caccc71-Step Into Christmas Info 2023.001.jpeg

'Step Into Christmas' A Christmas Concert & Carol Sing-Along

18th December 2023

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b5fce853-adac-4df0-ba84-0d1bee047733-A Haunting in Venice.jpg

Screen @ The Avenue 'A Haunting in Venice' (12A)

5th January 2024

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d780eb97-4bf5-4935-9348-429151767d32-The Great Escaper.jpg

Screen @ The Avenue ' The Great Escaper' (12A)

2nd February 2024

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7fe43ce0-9a3e-4bc9-a0e7-13a213ceeee0-Monologue Bites 3.0.jpg

The Monologue Bites 3.0 - Fluffy Top Productions

3rd February 2024

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ef1013fb-65a0-480f-b252-7635653ac7f7-The Celine Project.jpg

The Celine Project

16th March 2024

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d1888e02-086b-409d-ade1-47499323a7c4-New Bootleg Shaows.jpg

The Bootleg Shadows - Tribute to The Shadows & Cliff Richard

13th April 2024

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4aae53dd-537d-48a7-bec2-e948347678f9-HiJINKS & CAVIAR.jpg

HiJINKS & CAVIAR - Fluffy Top Productions

9th May - 11th May 2024

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bf5ac9a6-68f3-47ef-a132-d9c86a41bbaf-Elvis 18.5.24.JPG

Chris Field as Elvis on Tour

18th May 2024

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3f1f2ad3-f556-4653-a73c-278e112f9c82-Rewind to the 70s.JPG

Rewind to The 70's

29th June 2024

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