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Wheeled Sports

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Wheeled Sports

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Wheeled Sports

Wheeled sports covers all those activities that require equipment with wheels, often undertaken on purpose built facilities include BMX, skateboarding, and inline skating.

Opportunities in Swale...

There are a number of purpose built facilities in Swale that can be used to participate in your chosen Wheeled Sport -

  • Faversham Recreation Ground - Faversham, ME13 8ES
  • Grove Park Play Area - Sittingbourne, ME10 1YT
  • Kemsley Recreation Ground - Kemsley, ME10 2TB
  • Milton Recreation Ground - Milton Regis, ME10 2AU
  • New Village Hall - Warden Bay, ME12 4NB
  • The Mill Skatepark - Sittingbourne, ME10 2XD

Remember there may be organised sessions at the facilities so do check prior to visiting or enquire how you can get involved with them.

Background to Wheeled Sports...

Wheeled sports is the term used to cover all those activities that require self propelled equipment with wheels and often undertaken on purpose built facilities. Usually the facilities are outdoors and made of concrete with specific design features to help the participant practice their skills.

Design features may include half-pipes, handrails, boxes, ramps, stairsets, quarter pipes, ledges, bowls as well as other objects to test the participants. 

Examples of Wheeled Sports that can take place on a facility include -

  • BMX
  • Inline Skating
  • Scootering
  • Skateboarding


Healthy & Active Swale Videos


Videos taken from the Healthy and Active YouTube Channel to promote facilities in Swale, email Healthy and Active Swale to upload your videos.


All activities offered by clubs overseen by a National Governing Body will be required to adhere to new procedures to protect participants. The known and listed Governing Bodied above are working with Sport England to support providers to get back to activities.

Add your organisation

If you provide opportunities for residents or visitors to get involved in any Winter Sports and would like your club or organisation to be listed then email Healthy and Active Swale and we can get your details uploaded.

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