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Be inspired to take up a sporting activity in the Swale area of north Kent

It isn't always obvious where or how often sports and activities are being provided and undertaken by residents and visitors in an area and Swale is no different. Scratch beneath the surface though and you will uncover a community that is passionate about providing a whole world of opportunities that you can take part in to help increase both your mental and physical health.

We are collating information on and from partners that will help you find out about the Sports and Activities that are on offer as well as locating some of the providers that are offering a wide range of opportunities for all abilities and interests.

Before you take part ...

We haven't carried out checks on the clubs and organisations that are listed on the pages below but as a participant you should check that -

? - the instructors or coaches have activity related experience and or qualifications

? - you are happy with the safety and quality of its activities

? - you know when and where the session is and the facility is accessible and safe

? - the level of the activity is suitable to you and your experience

Don't wait until the start of your first session to ask questions as the coach or instructor will be focused on the delivery of the activity; but do ask beforehand and all should be happy to answer your questions.

If the sport and activity you are looking for isn't listed then let us know and we will look into it, also if you provide programmes and activities and are not listed then please email Healthy and Active Swale and we will help promote what you deliver.

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