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The Peasants’ Last Revolt Nature Trail

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The Peasants’ Last Revolt Nature Trail (5 miles)

A walk through Kent’s history, walk through some of Kent’s most bountiful and beautiful countryside and pass by the scene of the last armed uprising on English soil when you follow the trail of the Peasants’ Last Revolt.

From gently rolling fertile countryside, alive with a wealth of birds, wild flowers and industrious bees, to the woodland depths of the county’s largest forest, the hurly burly of modern day life will seem far behind you as you follow historic paths through the heart of Kent’s hop growing traditions.

This area is part of the North Kent Fruit Belt, where both the soil and the climate are ideal for growing top-fruit. Although the Romans and the Normans planted here, fruit growing had fallen into decline by the 16th century – but was revived by one Richard Harris, who planted 105 acres with cherries and apples in Teynham, just a few miles away. Others followed suit and you still see throughout the area extensive orchards today. It is also ideal for growing hops, as evidenced by the number of oast houses still standing. Both crops required armies of fruit pickers – many were Romany Gypsies, while tens of thousands from London’s East End also came “hopping down in Kent”.

Wherever you choose to stop in this charming corner of the Garden of England, your time will, indeed, be fruitful.

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