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Working together we can help more young people to have fun and achieve a better quality of life, activities available in Faversham and on the Isle of Sheppey.

Swale Youth - A Collection of Organisations for the Youth of Swale.

"We care about children and young people living in the Borough of Swale. That’s why a number of organizations helping children and young people in Swale have come together to set up Swale Youth. Led by the Housing Association, Optivo, and managed day to day by Vibe Community Ltd (The Brogdale CIC Group) we are a partnership of organisations along with Sheppey Matters and other associates. Working together we can help more young people to have fun and achieve a better quality of life. We’ve secured a grant from Kent County Council to deliver a youth service until March 2022".

Swale Youth - Contact Information: Culnells Farm, School Lane, Iwade, Kent. ME9 8QJ. 


Tel: 01795 844849 or 07904378257 

New House Youth Hub in Sittingbourne - Kent County Council 

Our youth hub is located for the swale based area, we have groups and appointment based service for the young people of swale!

Our groups and services are provided for all ages. We mainly provide for children aged 6-18 but overall we do have something here for everyone.

Strenthening Minds Moat Foundation Youth Activities

Sheppey Matters Young People's Activities - Contact or for more information.

BEMIX Sittingbourne Groups

Eco Shed - We learn how to do woodwork. Our group always uses reclaimed wood. Reclaimed means using the wood again to stop it being wasted. We use tools to measure, cut, carve and put together the wood. Lots of our objects are homes for wildlife, furniture and artwork. We sell what we have made. People ask us to build things for them. We decide on a fair price and make what they have asked for. We use the money we make to support the work of the Eco Shed. We help each other.

For more information, please contact Terie: 01795 438 857

Media - We choose what we want to learn about media. We can make films and be in them. We design and make websites. We use computers to design art. We use computers to edit photographs. We can learn to use computers for lots of different things. We work on creative writing and storytelling. Sometimes we work with the Music Group to make and record songs. We learn by ourselves and in groups. We support each other. We make friends and have fun.

For more information, please contact Sophie: 07422 964 693

Music - We choose what we want to learn about music. We can learn to play an instrument, like the guitar or the drums. We find out about how to make up new songs and how to write them down. We can learn DJ skills and about recording music. We all work in a team and make friends. Sometimes we work with the Media Group and take photographs and films, too. We build our confidence. If we want to, we can perform our music.

For more information, please contact Sophie: 07422 964 693

Risky Business; Drama and Performing Arts - We decide what we want to make a performance about together. It is a very friendly group. We think about what we want to do as a team. Then we plan how to achieve our goals together. We use breathing and music to relax. We talk about our ideas and our experiences. We talk about how they make us feel. We can record ourselves for voice-overs. Everybody gets to do the things they like best about drama. We support each other and get more confident together.

For more information, please contact Steve: or call 07966 017597

Youth activity providers in Swale...

There are a number of clubs and organisations providing opportunities in Swale:

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If you provide opportunities for residents or visitors to get involved in any of the groups and activities listed and would like your club or organisation to be listed then email Healthy and Active Swale and we can get your details uploaded.

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