Swale Tourism
14th March 2023

Find peace and serenity at Huckleberry

Look after the cutest micro pigs, miniature donkeys, Teddy Bear sheep, alpacas, mini chickens, ducks and turkeys on this very special mini-break in the heart of the Kent countryside.

Your chance to get back to nature in a calm and peaceful space and enjoy the company of the friendliest mini animals. Feed and groom them, walk them, learn about caring for them - love them and reconnect with each other.

Step out of your stressful lives for a spot of rewilding and find a special kind of peace.

With only a small number of visitors booked in at any one time, our guests are able to spend a peaceful couple of hours mingling with our tame animals, many of them free ranging.

Before you book, please consider that Huckleberry Woods is not a graveled pathway, chemical weed killer type of place – but a wild, back to nature type of place. It’s located in a small private orchard and is charming and understated rather than large, slick and commercial. It’s not the sort of place where you rush between loads of animal enclosures, vending machines and other distractions. It offers an hour or two of peace and serenity. Time to relax. Time to ‘be’ not just ‘do’ and time to reconnect with nature. Please consider carefully whether this type of relaxing experience is likely to be your cup of tea before booking. 😊

Based just minutes away from the picturesque Mediaeval market town of Faversham, close to the creek, the coast and Canterbury

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