Swale Tourism
24th June 2024

Visit Faversham is delighted to announce the launch of the Faversham Passport, a unique initiative designed to promote local businesses, heritage sites, and community venues, while enhancing the experience of both residents and visitors. 
The Faversham Passport, available to all members of the community, serves as a guide to discovering the rich history and vibrant culture of Faversham. This exciting new project encourages participants to explore the town’s diverse offerings by collecting stamps from various participating locations, including shops, cafes, museums and attractions. 
The passport highlights key attractions and businesses, providing a curated list of must-visit spots in Faversham.  Participants can collect stamps from each location they visit, encouraging a fun and interactive way to explore the town.  The passport fosters a sense of community by encouraging residents to support local enterprises and participate in town events. 
Councillor Josh Rowlands, Mayor of Faversham, said, “The Faversham Passport is a wonderful initiative that not only showcases the beauty and charm of our town but also supports our local economy. We hope this project will inspire both residents and visitors to explore Faversham more deeply and enjoy everything our community has to offer.” 
Faversham Passports can be obtained for free from the Visitor Information Centre, participating local businesses, or download a digital version from the official Faversham Town Council website at [Faversham Passport].  No purchases are necessary, but the passport must be registered on the official site.  Once complete, the holder will be entitled to a certificate and badge.  
The launch of the Faversham Passport comes just in time for the summer season, providing the perfect opportunity for families, tourists, and locals to engage with the town in a new and exciting way. 

The Faversham Passport is funded by a grant from the government’s Levelling Up Fund made through Swale Borough Council.  
Faversham Town Council is committed to enhancing the quality of life for residents and fostering a vibrant, inclusive community. Through various programs and initiatives, the council aims to celebrate Faversham’s heritage, support local businesses, and promote sustainable development.


Funded by UK Government Levelling Up Fund Administered By Swale Borough Council