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19th January 2024

A New Beginning for Jonesy the Caravan: From Neglect to Vintage Charm at Huckleberry Woods Micro Animal Adventures

Meet Jonesy, the once-neglected caravan who has found her forever home at Huckleberry Woods Micro Animal Adventures in Faversham. Jonesy's transformation from abandonment to becoming the charming venue for Vintage Cream Teas and micro animal meet and greets is a heartwarming tale of second chances.

Jonesy's Journey:

For years, Jonesy languished in solitude and neglect, weathering the elements alone in a field in Herne Bay. Acquired by Laura Precious from Whitstable five years ago, Jonesy became a symbol of hope and determination in Laura's mission to raise £1 million for charity in memory of her beloved sister Nicky, who had passed away the year before.

Laura shared, "I started a mad, grief-fueled project to try to make £1m. I bought a caravan to renovate as part of my fundraising drive, but grief caught up with me, and I had to give up. The caravan sat unloved and deteriorating in a farmer’s field for years, before I was ready to part with it. The guys at Huckleberry Woods have worked so hard on the transformation and invited me to see the Caravan today. I was thrilled they have given it the love, care, and attention it always deserved…and they’ve even called it Jonesy, in honour of my sister."

A Remarkable Transformation:

The team at Huckleberry Woods has undertaken a remarkable makeover, turning Jonesy from a forlorn relic into a Vintage work of art. Before-and-after shots showcase the dedication and hard work that has breathed new life into this once-sad caravan.

Bill Neal, the owner, expressed his thanks, saying, "We're grateful that Laura entrusted us with this very special caravan’s makeover and are excited to see what Jonesy’s next chapter brings."

Vintage Cream Teas and Micro Animal Meet and Greets:

Beginning 1st February, visitors to Huckleberry Woods can indulge in Vintage Cream Teas and enjoy micro animal meet and greets. 

”We're thrilled to offer a unique experience, bringing joy and warmth to our visitors through Vintage Cream Teas and micro animal interactions. Jonesy's story is a testament to transformation and new beginnings," remarked Belinda Neal, General Manager of Huckleberry Woods.

Booking Information:

Vintage Cream Teas and micro animal meet and greets can be booked here. Visitors are invited to witness Jonesy's vintage charm as part of their adventure at Huckleberry Woods.

For More Information:

Contact Belinda Neal, General Manager, Huckleberry Woods, at 07929 871465 or email belinda@huckleberrywoods.co.uk

Huckleberry Woods Micro Animal Adventures:

Buckland, Faversham, Kent

About Huckleberry Woods Micro Animal Adventures

Huckleberry Woods Micro Animal Adventures is a small, rustic farm on the outskirts of Faversham in Kent.  It’s devoted to micro and miniature animals and allowing them to free range, and mingle with our guests in their ancient orchard home.  Huckleberry Woods is dedicated to creating a unique and happy space for animals and creating memorable experiences for our animal loving guests.