Swale Tourism
13th June 2022

Staying in the UK for your holiday is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re staying in Faversham, you can now reduce this even further. Why not consider travelling by train, and booking a new car club vehicle to visit destinations around Swale?

Swale Borough Council has launched a three-year trial of a local car club in Faversham to help people get convenient access to cleaner, low emissions vehicles for as little as £3 an hour. Hiyacar provide a pay as you go system with online booking where users can sign up for free. You can easily access the vehicles using Hiyacar’s keyless QuickStart technology, via the Hiyacar app, and the rental price includes car cleaning, maintenance and management information and are all covered by Hiyacar’s bespoke insurance.

Where are the cars?

3 hybrid vehicles are currently in car parks in Faversham. The cars are all within walking distance of each other, the town centre and Faversham station.

  • Central Car Park, ME13 8PW
  • Queens Hall Car Park, ME13 8QE
  • Institute Road Car Park, ME13 8BN

Faversham Car Club Vehicle

How does it work

  • Create an account with Hiyacar
  • book a car via telephone or by internet (e.g. on the app)
  • use your smart card to get in, pick up the car from a local car club parking bay
  • return car to the allocated car club bay once you have finished
  • monthly bills for easy payment

How much does it cost and what does it include

You only pay for what you use. The cost includes:

  • petrol
  • insurance
  • tax
  • maintenance