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Keeping Active

Swale Tourism
3rd December 2020

Although the second lockdown is now over there are still a high number of cases in Swale and we are entering into the new Tiered system to help control the virus, its more important than ever to keep active. All Tiers will need to ensure they follow some guidelines and advice that will restrict what we can do but they are in place to help slow and stop the spread of the virus.  

Swale is in Tier 3 but people are remaining positive and with a few adaptations to our daily lives there is still lots we can do to keep active both physically and mentally to help us get through this phase –


C – COVID-19


Yes, this virus is causing massive disruption around the world and it is affecting us all in one way or another. Coming out of the second lockdown there are still restrictions and GOV.UK advice is being shared to help limit the impact of the virus. More specific advice on physical activity and sport is being shared via Sport England.


O – Opportunities

The old saying of every cloud has a silver lining has never been more appropriate, the lockdowns have been difficult but can you find your silver lining? It may be having more time at home with the family or learning a new skill but finding these opportunities will not only help you cope with the restrictions but could provide a new focus or interest.

Being active is essential to keep your body healthy, just 20 -30 minutes of activity that will raise your heart rate will strengthen muscles and help your heart and lungs get blood around your body. The recent Sport England survey identified that 62 per cent stated that

exercise is more important now than ever. Just take a look at the Sport England – Active at Home web pages for some ideas. Or more locally the Kent Sport - Everyday Active website has some great tips and ideas to help find activities for you.

V – Videos

Whether its through the internet or the old fashioned DVD, there are lots of people, clubs and businesses that have videos you can watch to upskill yourself with any activity or hobby. Try the Sport England - Join the Movement or their Return to Play for some inspiration. You can also take a look at that the Youth Sports Trust online After School Club to motivate your children.

Healthy and Active Swale is starting to share videos of partners, drop an email to Health and Active Swale to get your clip uploaded.

I – Information

There are numerous organisations that are available to help, provide support or programmes that you can link with if you want to get active or find out how the virus is affecting participants and providers of sport and physical activity.

D – Develop

Despite these strange times people are finding ways to develop themselves and positive habits to organise their time, others may have an influence or be wanting some of it but remember they are doing that because you are important to them and they want you to be involved in their lives.

Even before the lockdowns made us review how we live and organise our lives having a base routine to our days, week, months and even years (although it’s always good to mix it up once a while) has always helped us prepare and be able to cope with challenges life has to throw our way. Developing and utilising opportunities locally can re-connect you to your neighbourhood, take a look at the Visit Swale website and find out what is available and being provided by local partners in the parks and open spaces, cycling and walking, Leisure Centre and Gyms and the beaches.

As we enter the new Tier system don’t forget to check out the Visit Swale website whether you want to find out what’s in the Borough or if you want to let people know what you are offering. We are always happy to promote and publicise your event whether it’s based on a physical activity or not, all you need to do is complete the Visit Swale Events Form to let us know your Swale based event that residents and visitors can take part in.

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