Swale Tourism
22nd April 2021

Swale Heritage Attractions Part of Wheels of Time E-Badge Scheme

Look out for others joining the scheme soon!

Wheels of time has launched the opportunity to explore Kent’s heritage, when you are unable to visit their museums and heritage sites.

Earn digital E-badges by visiting some of their websites and completing activities provided, all free of charge.

Each of the participating sites has an activity that aims to encourage you to visit the actual site, when you can; but until then, you can watch a video, complete a quiz, a crossword or puzzle or a craft activity to receive a code which will unlock your E-badge for that site. As a virtual visitor (or Time Traveller, as we like to call them) move through the ranks, from Level 1 to 5, as you earn more E-badges.

The E-badge scheme is open to all

Unlike the physical badge scheme, which is for young children, the E-badge scheme is open to all.

Bob Shrubb, Chair of the Wheels of Time scheme said:

“The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that all of our sites have been unable to open for long periods, because of both the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the virus and because some of the volunteers that many of our sites rely on have been shielding.

“We have taken this as an opportunity to create an alternative way for visitors to engage with our sites, broadening our visitor base to include those would otherwise be unable to visit when sites are open or don’t meet the criteria for participating in our existing physical badge scheme.

“For many of these Museums, this is new technology they are learning how to use, so we hope visitors will follow Roamin’ Rex, our mascot, and have a go at time travelling into the past by using the technology of the future.”

Visit wheelsoftime.uk/e-badge-scheme/ for details of how to start earning your E-badges while learning    about Kent’s history.